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    Magazine Rewards Center is a marketing program that allows participants to redeem reward points (such as frequent flyer miles) for magazine subscriptions.

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TWX*PE Style Watch | Official Contact Info

Are you looking for information about a TWX*PE Style Watch charge on a charge card statement? Here are some answers. “TWX PE Style Watch” and “TWX People Style Watch Magazine” is a credit card reference code I.D. used by TWX Magazine, a company that handles magazine subscriptions for customer discount clubs. Airline customer loyalty programs, … Continue reading

Magazine Rewards Center site

Welcome to Magazine Rewards Center!

Magazine Rewards Center is an affinity marketing program that offers customers the opportunity to sample up to three of their favorite magazines risk-free for three months. Magazine Rewards Center markets through retailers and other channels, targeting consumers with special subscription deals tailored specifically for them.  This customized marketing strategy ensures that Magazine Rewards Center’s publishing … Continue reading